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With all of the negative that we experience and hear about in our day to day lives, it can be hard to bring yourself to think about the positives and put a smile on your face. It’s almost expected of a person to not smile, and oftentimes when a person is smiling – they’ll get asked, “What are yo smiling about?”

But we also need to think about how something even as small as a smile can really make an impact on a person’s day. While smiling can be a response to something that makes us happy or makes us laugh, smiling can also be a conscious, intentional choice. Choosing to smile can help to reduce stress and improve our moods, but it also helps us give welcoming energy to others.

This is where the phrase “SMILE IT CONFUSES PEOPLE” came from. Let’s spread positive energy and smiles in places where it’s not expected. Let’s make people laugh when they’re not expecting to. Let’s spread some joy when it’s not expected.

Here at Rock In Prevention – Rock Digi, we love spreading positive vibes and putting a smile on people’s faces. The amount of people that have seen our “SMILE IT CONFUSES PEOPLE” stickers and T-shirts that have just started smiling, commented on how they made them chuckle, or just sparked conversations is huge. Just by wearing our shirts or having our sticker on a water bottle or laptop, we have seen the positive energy that is created even with complete strangers.



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Mental health is important at every stage of life. It impacts how a person feels, how they think, and how they act. This impacts how a person treats themselves and others, how they handle stress, and how they make decisions.

People of all ages can use reminders on how to work maintaining their mental wellness. That is why we created posters that can be used in classrooms, schools, offices, teacher’s lounges, etc. These posters remind people to be kind to their minds and gives them some ideas that they can choose to use to maintain their mental wellness.

The list of ideas of some basic tools to use to maintain mental wellness is discussed in our online curriculum, Rock Digi (, and talks more in depth about mental health and breaking the stigma around talking about mental health and getting help for your mental health.


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One of the songs used in our online curriculum, Rock Digi (, is called “Around the World.” This song is packed with positive affirmations and encourages listeners to spread love “around the world.” A lyric from the song is, “We can send our love around the world.” We decided to make this into a sticker as a reminder to spread love everywhere you go and encourages people to be empathetic and accepting of others.


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All of this falls into the mission of our Rock Digi online curriculum (, to help students learn social emotional learning skills, mental wellness skills, and life skills for success to prevent bullying and drug and alcohol abuse – so students are equipped with the tools to accomplish their goals and be their authentic selves.

We plan to release some new items in the near future, so make sure to follow us on any of our social media for updates on new releases!

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