Building Healthy Relationships

Throughout our lives, the relationships that we build can have a huge impact on our well-being – including our physical and mental health. And as students are navigating through the constant changes that come along as they are going through school, social support is extremely important. It’s important that students learn how to build healthy and positive relationships that will help support each other to be the best versions of themselves.

At a time when students are faced with many difficult decisions, their friends become an important part of their life. And it’s important for students to recognize the differences between healthy and unhealthy friendships.

Below are some concepts that we stress to students in Rock Digi, our online social emotional learning curriculum.

Real friendship is built on mutual trust and respect.

A true friend accepts you just the way you are and doesn’t make you feel that you need to change to fit in. Real friends allow each other to grow and change. They encourage each other and celebrate each other’s successes.

A very important trait of friendship is that you are there for each other. If someone is struggling through a difficult time such as death of a family member, divorce, or some kind of mental health issue; friends are available to listen and support.

In a healthy friendship, you will find that you respect each other’s values about family, faith, school, goals, and those difficult decisions surrounding drinking and tobacco or drug use.

If you feel that a friend is in danger or doing something to endanger themselves, you will help them get the help they need. This may mean going to a trusted adult.

Our goal with this curriculum is to help students learn how to not only find good friends, but how to be a good friend themselves. It’s important that students think about how their choices in who they build relationships with will have a dramatic impact on their well-being. And the most important thing about healthy relationships is that to be good friends to each other, friends need to communicate effectively.  

Below is a preview video for one of our lessons about building healthy relationships for grades 7-12.


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