Learning Through The Pandemic

As we near the end of this school year, everyone is taking a breath of relief that it’s over. To some, this signals the true end of Coronavirus’ effect and presence in the classroom. As we prepare to break for summer it is important to keep Covid-19 in our minds as much as we may not want to.

We might hate to admit it, but nothing will return to exactly how it was before Covid-19 changed everything. However dreary and frightening this might seem; it is important to accept to continue with our lives.

Educators, although you might miss the way your classroom operated you now have the chance to incorporate online learning into your otherwise in-person curriculum. With that said it might be helpful to keep Rock Digi in mind when starting to plan for your next school year this summer.

As educators know, students have been disconnected, uninterested, and distracted these past couple of years- all of which are normal reactions for children (and everyone else) under this kind of pressure and in this situation.

We have now experienced just how quickly the rug can be pulled from under our feet, and how our mental health is affected by that. Not only are the students feeling burnt out, but teachers are, and have been, feeling it as well. 

Rock Digi provides some relief in these areas:

  • A curriculum planned entirely for online use
  • Pre-Test and Post-Test to measure student learning
  • Videos designed to keep the attention of students
  • Lessons focusing solely on social and emotional learning

The Rock Digi curriculum focuses on life skills topics such as empathy, anger management, self-acceptance, accepting others, and positive self-talk. And for older kids, there are more mature topics that the curriculum goes into like anxiety, depression, ways to cope with grief and loss, and how to build healthy relationships and avoid substance abuse.

Coronavirus will continue to impact us for years to come, it still hasn’t been entirely taken care of; which makes it even more important to have a plan for success in your classroom for whatever may come your way.

Having Rock Digi as part of your curriculum can not only help with teacher burnout and stress, but it can help students learn and develop life-altering social and emotional skills they can sharpen for the rest of their lives. In times of pandemonium what could be more important than making sure your students have the social and emotional skills to make it through to the other side?