Learning to be Self-Aware in Order to Choose the Best Forms of Self-Care for Yourself

Part of self-care is recognizing our own needs in each area of our lives and taking actions that help us feel as good as we possibly can.

Being self-aware, you can take better care of yourself and be more mindful in all aspects of your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. All of these aspects are connected and can affect each other.

Each part of ourselves is connected to the whole, and when one side of the whole self is out of balance the whole self can be affected. Self-awareness can lead us to self-management and the actions we need to take to be mindful, centered, and balanced in our lives. 

Each of us needs to learn to be self-aware, and when to take the right actions to stabilize ourselves when we are out of balance. Self-awareness and mindfulness will lead us to decisions and actions to manage our lives in a way so that we can enjoy life. 

There are 5 types of self-care:

  1. Social – This could be spending time with friends or doing fun things with your family. Sometimes, just being in the presence of others can boost our mood and make us feel better. Make sure that you create a strong support system of people that you know that you can trust. These people are people that you know that you can go to them if you ever need help or need to talk to someone.
  2. Emotional – This is when you get in touch with your feelings in a way that makes you feel good. We all experience different emotions that can be caused by a number of internal and external factors. It is important that we work to process these emotions. Sometimes, this can be difficult and you may need help from a friend, mentor, family member, or mental health professional.
  3. Physical – This includes looking after your body and doing what you need to stay healthy. This could include practicing good hygiene, eating foods that make you feel good, or exercising at a level that makes you feel healthy.
  4. Spiritual – This includes doing things that make your heart and soul flourish.
  5. Intellectual – This could be stimulating your mind, working towards your goals, or learning new things. It is important that we all are committed to being lifelong learners. There’s always something new that we are able to learn.

I encourage you to take some time to practice self-care every day. It is important that we look out for ourselves and take care of our overall well-being. Practicing self-awareness can help us better take care of ourselves and what we need in each, individual moment. Our self-care needs can change, so we need to pay attention to what we are experiencing at the moment and what we need to do to care for ourselves.

Self-awareness and self-care can be practiced at any age, but it is important that we teach kids as they are growing up how to care for themselves and practice self-awareness.

In the Rock Digi curriculum, we teach students able self-awareness in each of our social emotional learning curriculum. Each curriculum was written using the CASEL Framework for Social Emotional Learning, which includes:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social-Awareness
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Relationship Skills

In our “Mental Health, SEL, and Substance Abuse Prevention” curriculum for grades 7-12, we have a lesson that more specifically focuses on self-care for your mental health. Below is a preview video for that lesson.



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