How Will Rock Digi Benefit Me?

Overall, this will save educators tons of time. 

  • Lessons are pre-made.
  • Lessons track student learning and auto-grade assessments.
  • Lessons identify all standards that it meets.

Lessons can be differentiated and tailored to fit the needs of the students.

  • Lessons can be utilized through individualized learning, flipped learning, and teacher taught.
  • Lessons contain a variety of different Drill Down Activities for a variety of different learning styles.
    • Individual, small group, large group activities
    • Activities for auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners

Reporting – Tracking Student Learning

Rock Digi provides schools with instantaneous data, comparing student’s data at the beginning and end of each lesson as well as at the beginning and end of the entire curriculum. 

At the beginning of each lesson, there is an Existing Knowledge questionnaire which questions the knowledge of the students on the topic of the lesson. After they have completed the lesson, students complete an Exit Ticket, which contains the same questions as the Existing Knowledge

Students are also prompted to complete a Self-Assessment at the beginning of the first lesson and at the end of the last lesson. This helps the educator to get an understanding of how the students feel about their own social emotional intelligence. 

Existing Knowledge, Exit Ticket, and Self-Assessments can all be completed by the students on their own devices, then providing the educator with their answers. Educators are able to see how students answer, but do not manually have to grade each students’ assignment – saving the educator’s time.

Educators do not need to look through the entire lesson looking for ways that this meets the standards that they need to meet. Each lesson also displays all the standards that the lesson meets in the Lesson Plan at the beginning of each lesson. This lesson plan was created for educators – so they can have a place where they can see all of the components of the lesson at once. Each lesson meets both American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standards as well as Common Core standards.

Whiteboard animations help students to introduce the information about the topic of the lesson. Because students are anticipating what is being drawn, they are then more likely to remember the material. Whiteboard animations have been known to increase student retention by 15%.

Lyric Music Videos help to bring emotion into the topic that the students are learning. Because students are able to see the lyrics of the song as they are being sung, students are able to better retain the lyrics of the song. Some songs are used as therapeutic story telling tools, and some songs have the concepts built right into the lyrics.

Discussion Questions give the students the opportunity to share their own experiences with the educator and/or their fellow classmates. 

In group discussion, student learning is driven further when the students are able to discuss and collaborate together to form answers. Connections are made between students when they are able to hear about experiences from other students. If answered individually, students are able to submit answers to their educator, providing them a safe space to answer the questions. This also helps the educator to get an understanding of the student’s understanding of the topic and how they are feeling. 

Each lesson contains a variety of different Drill Down Activities for a variety of different learning styles. Drill Down Activities include individual, small group, and large group activities that are directed towards visual, auditory, and visual learners.

School Home Partnership was created to increase parental involvement through an easy and entertaining assignment that is a short time commitment. This activity sparks important conversations at home, and helps to create consistency between school and home.

All Rock Digi lessons can be done completely online – eliminating the need for heavy paper materials or the requirement to be in a physical classroom.

Rock Digi is a fun way to engage your students and create a caring community at your school. Every child deserves the opportunity to be successful. That’s why our Rock Digi team is dedicated to creating curriculum that will provide students with the tools needed to be successful and achieve their goals.