Rock Digi Features

All of our lessons within each curriculum gives the educator the opportunity to differentiate their teaching methods for each student in every situation. Each lesson contains a variety of activities for a variety of different learning styles for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. And while students can benefit from completing the lessons as a group where they are able to make connections with other students, students are also able to learn social emotional skills by completing the lessons individually and even remotely.

Using Technology to Teach SEL

Rock Digi is focused on using technology as a tool to teach SEL and reach students in a way that will make it easier for educators as well as students.

Educators are able to “turn on” specific lessons for students, which then sends the students an email with a link to the lesson. Students are then able to submit all answers online, which provides the educator with instantaneous data, and no grading assignment – making this a time saver for educators.

Once the students have submitted their Exit Ticket, this initiates an email to the parent/guardian with a link to the Whiteboard Animation and the School Home Partnership. Answers to the School Home Partnership can also be submitted online.

Educators are then able to export all submitted answers for all students in just the click of a button. All answers are then organized in a way that makes it easy for educators to evaluate the answers completed by all students.


Each lesson contains the following activities to provide educators with plenty of resources to teach each topic within the curriculum.

  • Lesson Plan with Standards: Lesson plans show what standards are met. Rock Digi meets Common Core, American School Counselors Association (ASCA), and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) standards and goals.
  • Whiteboard Animations: Research shows whiteboard animation increases retention by 15%. Each video contains Dictionary Definitions – key concepts of engaging, goal-driven lessons.
  • Lyric Music Videos: Music can change the world because it changes people. Rock Digi uses original, standards-based songs created specifically for each lesson. Lyric music videos are effective for auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. When you see the lyrics, it makes the experience more meaningful.
  • Discussion Questions: Group discussion takes knowledge and drives it to deeper understanding. When teachers and students share, they’re leaders in their own learning. Students benefit from hearing their peers share. When students are answering the questions individually, they are given the opportunity to submit answers to their teacher, giving them a safe space to answer the questions. This also gives the teacher the opportunity to connect with students through their answers.
  • Drill Down Activities: Drill Down Activities contain creative and rigorous activities to dig deeper into the content of each lesson. These activities give the educator the opportunity to really tailor the lesson to fit the needs of the students, by choosing from the variety of different activities.
  • Existing Knowledge (Pre-Test) and Exit Ticket (Post-Test): Rock Digi provides instantaneous data on students’ level of understanding of each lesson, which gives educators an opportunity to differentiate. This also tracks student learning from the beginning of the lesson to the completion of the lesson.
  • School Home Partnership: This is an entertaining way for parents/guardians to be involved in their student’s learning. Students are given the opportunity to watch the whiteboard animation with their parent/guardian and answer two questions together. This was created to be a small time commitment that is still sparking important conversations at home and creating consistency between school and home.
  • Self-Assessments: Students are given the opportunity to complete a self-assessment at the beginning and the end of the curriculum. This allows for students to share with the educator where they feel they are in their social emotional learning.

Meeting Educational Standards with Evidence-Based Practices

Rock Digi encompasses the vision of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) by creating a  “long-standing commitment to equal opportunity for all students.”

Rock Digi supports all learners regardless of their academic, social, or emotional blueprint:

  • Title 1 (Socioeconomic Support)
  • Title 3 (English Language Learner Support)
  • IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

Rock Digi meets American School Counselors Association standards and goals as well as HRSA and Common Core standards.