Rock Digi Testimonials

Educators from all 50 states as well as various countries around the world have provided us with feedback on the Rock Digi lessons. Here’s a few things they had to say!

  • Minimal Prep time, everything is super simple to follow.
  • Students love implementing technology.
  • Very engaging, lessons are well defined.
  • I think it is very easy to use and navigate. It is very organized and broken up into specific sections to activate learning and deeper understanding.
  • I loved the multicultural aspects of it.
  • Students can relate to what they already know about cultures and then think beyond what they do not know and gain understanding of others different from themselves.
  • I find it very helpful that the standards are included in the lesson. It is always best practice to include the standards in any lesson plan or activity. It helps to keep discussions focused and provides a reason for the lesson.
  • Expanding the student’s world view and creating a caring community is so important.
  • I really like the Existing Knowledges and the Exit Tickets to see what the students have learned. It will make data collection easy.
  • I really enjoyed the whiteboard animation and the music video! This helps to engage students with different learning styles.
  • The videos are powerful. They are engaging for the kids and gives them a visual for a concept that could be difficult.
  • Great content and ability to deliver in a short time.
  • The most powerful part of the program were the activities. Having the students think and step outside of their comfort zone to engage in activities about topics they would not have a conversation about on a daily basis is powerful.
  • The most powerful part of the program is that the material is represented in multiple ways. There is a learning style for each student.
  • There are lots of abilities for students to relate to others not only in their own local community but also in a global context.
  • The School Home Partnership helps connect families to one another and builds trust. It is important to make that home – school connection in order for students to fully experience success.
  • I think that any information we can provide to our parents/guardians, the better. We cannot force the parents to take part, however, we can still provide them with the information or ways to find information.
  • Any time there is parent/guardian involvement, the lessons are even more meaningful and it opens a door for connection.