Rock In Prevention - Rock Digi Music

Pat McManus has been working hard to create more songs to help students learn about mental health resources, social and emotional skills, and just how to navigate through life.

Pat's newest release, an album called "Fight the Good Fight," is about overcoming challenges that you face in life.

Pat's other new release, an album called "Loving Living Learning," is about practicing mindfulness and learning and growing - making it perfect to play in the classroom.

You can find both albums on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other streaming services under the artist "Pat McManus!"

Looking for playlists to play for your students in your classroom? We have a variety of different playlists that we update often that are curated to fit different moods and genres.

Every week, we release a video for our series "Music Mondays." In these videos, Pat talks about the message of songs and how the songs were created.

He also talks about new music that is being released, so make sure you keep an eye out over these next few months!