Rock In Prevention's Mission

Rock In Prevention, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that creates evidence-based, educational curriculum that teaches children, teachers, and families Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and life skills for success. 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is ultimately what leads a child to success with academics and in life. Rock Digi teaches empathy for those that are different from themselves: school by school and around the world. Students, teachers, and parents or guardians are trained in what to say and what to do when confronted with difficult situations. 

Rock creates, tests, and implements state of the art online curriculum to help children to learn empathy and provide safe and supportive learning environments, so that children can accomplish their goals and be their authentic selves.   

Rock’s curriculum works to increase parental and/or guardian’s involvement in their child’s education and their healthy physical, mental, emotional, and social development. Rock continues to research ways to help more children, teachers, counselors and parents from multiple cultures around the world.  

It is our desire to help teach children, teachers, counselors, parents and guardians life skills for success to reduce bullying and drug use and help all live to their fullest potential.