The Rock PLUS Curriculum is an innovative, evidence-based 12-week elementary curriculum that is based on using songs as interactive teaching tools.

There is an instructor manual and student workbook. The Rock PLUS curriculum is implemented at Level I in Grades 3-4, Level II in Grades 4-5, and Level III in Grades 5-6.

Rock PLUS addresses personal and social skills, academic achievement, health and wellness, alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention, anti-bullying, media literacy, anger management, problem solving and helps develop positive school climate. Rock PLUS also helps increase parental involvement.

The teacher lesson plan is very well laid out, making it very easy to implement. Each lesson begins with a song used as a teaching tool.

Auditory learners will retain the information through listening to the song, while visual learners take in information by reading the lyric sheet while listening in class.

The kinesthetic learners will take in information through taking what they have seen and heard and completing the in-class activity worksheet that puts the information to work.

A school-home link then integrates the weekly lesson in the home, with parents and children working together increasing parental involvement which leads to higher academic achievement. Rock PLUS helps parents take 5 minutes each week for 12 weeks to speak with their child regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drug choices, bullying and critical life skills. Often it is a way to help parents learn life skills and parenting schools through the lessons.

Parents read and write with their child on a short lesson each week for 12 weeks. Here is what you get with Rock PLUS:

  • A Pre-Program Parent Letter – lets parents know this class is one where they will need to answer questions.
  • A 20 Minute Teacher Orientation Video Link, featuring teachers and counselors that have taught it the last 3 years.
  • Pre and Post Tests
  • Fidelity Checklists – teachers and the counselor complete this by watching another teacher do one of the 12 lessons.
  • Written Evaluations for Students, Parents and Teachers