Golf Games Bundle

Golf Games Bundle

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The Games Bundle includes: ($50 for a $60 value)
  • Putting Contest
  • 5 Mulligans
  • Silly String Stroke Corrector
  • 50/50 Split

Putting Contest: ($5 value)
This puts you in a drawing to get the chance to putt for $500! Right before everyone goes out to golf at 10:00AM, one person will be drawn to putt from a certain place on the practice green, and if they make it they will win $$$! 

Mulligans: ($25 value)
Get a second chance at a shot!

Silly String Stroke Corrector: ($20 value)
(For team use, max of 4 per team, 6' each)

The stroke corrector is a 6' string that allows you to take strokes off your score! Use the distance of the string that you are away from the hole without counting an extra stroke until you run out of string! 

50/50 Split: ($10 value)
The 50/50 ticket enters you in a drawing to win half of what was brought in in the 50/50 ticket sales!